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 Hello and welcome to my blog.

Let me start with my introduction.

My name is Jinal. I am a Gujarati girl from Gujarat state and a social person from Surat city. Now a days there is a trend of people going around and uploading photos on social media. I too have been following that trend till now. But then an idea came to my mind that I want to express those thoughts to my journey to the whole world. In October 2021, I decided to join this hobby and named it "Wiki Trip". Launched a unique social travel project around the world called wiki Trip. I am a Gujarat based travel blogger from Surat city. How I travel once a week and now I'm writing about my experiences. And presenting my thoughts through a blog is the biggest turning point in my life, I do activities related to my day-to-day travels. During this activity I see the people around me how people travel from one place to another. I really like to know what his thoughts are. And if it's easier said than done with my daily grind routine, always dream that you will need a 'one day' trip to jump and leave your comfort zone.

I don't like to plan too much, but I like to be spontaneous and make time for occasional meetings and random events which only happen when you minimize it and it usually becomes a highlight. A trip

Why I travel

I believe that travel is more than just seeing places - it's travel and its experiences. What you learn from it can really change your life.

To enrich my life with the beauty and diversity of this wonderful world, to develop as a person, to inspire others to meet and meet me, and in return (hopefully) to do so.

I travel to spend most of my time on Earth instead of counting every day, weekend or 2 week vacation - because life is too short for me to live any other way!

But most of all I travel for freedom - to live life on my own terms, to take responsibility for my destiny, to give myself the most luxurious time. The best years of my life are the time to fulfill my hobbies, dreams and ambitions, instead of dreaming through the rain-soaked window and working all day for other people's dreams I want to fulfill my own dreams.

Be a part of the adventure

Everything that happens in my travels affects my friends and followers. They shape the adventure as it happens. You too are welcome to be a part of this adventure.

What are Travel Blogs?

Well, I'm glad you asked. As I said, it's a hobby. While I was traveling, I loved reading other travel blogs for inspiration. I want to create a lot of travel blogs where people will find good content and from there they will help people find the information they need and read a good travel blog. I've read a lot of blogs and I think a good blog needs to have great content. I think a blog needs to have two main things, and that is informative and interesting. Which can make your blog very attractive.

Where else can we find you?

I am currently on Facebook and Instagram. And I'm currently working on the Pinterest and YouTube channels. And thinking about Snapchat, but I'm still trying to figure out how to make it compatible with my site. If you can give me an idea, let me know for sure!

Thank you so much
To read my blog.

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